2018 AMA Supercross Racing and Results

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing makes history as Jason Anderson and Zach Osborne running RK GB520MXZ4 are crowned Supercross Champions!

450SX Champion Jason Anderson
450SX Champion Jason Anderson
 450SX Champion Jason Anderson
 450SX Champion Jason Anderson
250SX East Champion Zach Osborne
250SX East Champion Zach Osborne

Stunt GP World championship

After his 3rd place in FIM Stunt Riding Euro Cup, the Lithuanian Rider Paulius Labanauskas won the World Stunt GP Championship held in Poland on 7th-9th July.

Stunt GP World championship

The Motorcycle drive chain is an essential part of the drive train to transmit the motor power to the back wheel.

Stunt performance need fine control during sudden start, sudden brutal stop, wheelie through accelerator work.
In order to control, it is necessary to accurately transmit the power of the engine to the rear tires.

Therefore, a Light but Strong and Rigid Chain is needed for Stunt Performance.

If a chain elongate during Stunt Performance, the Respond will be delayed, thus Difficult to Elongate chain is an important point.

Chain lubrification is important as well, Unlubricated ot not properly lubroicated chains will significantly decrease performance and increase chain and sprocket wear.

ring of chains GXW for stunt
Pos Rider Run 1 Run 2 Total
1 Paulius Labanauskas – Lithuania 200.5 224 424.5
2 Zdenko Rybar – Slovakia 196 211.5 407.5
3 Sarunas Kezys – Lithuania 199.5 199 398.5
4 Takahiko Sakiyama – Japan 206 191 397
5 Foma Kalinin – Russia 186.5 176.5 363
6 Ernest Komorowski – Poland 175 172.5 347.5
7 Vladimir Petrov – Belarus 170 164 334
8 Danila Zhelanov – Russia 166.5 162.5 329
9 Radislav Mihajlov – Serbia 156 161.5 317.5
10 Hiroaki Murakami – Japan 153 149.5 302.5
11 Piotr Gradkowski – Poland 166.5 135.5 302
12 Shouta Taira – Japan 132 110.5 242.5



ISLE OF MAN TT Superstock’s Race

After won the Superbike TT, Ian Hutchinson win his Second victory at the TT Superstock’s Race !

Check the official results here

The New RK ZXW chain is ideal for high-speed and high horsepower, the strongest chain in the market at this moment, approved by Tyco BMW.

Pos Rider Machine Team Chain
1 Ian Hutchinson BMW Tyco BMW RK – BL 520ZXW
2 Peter Hickman BMW Smiths Racing  
3 Dan Kneen BMW DTR powered by Penz 13  
4 Michael Rutter BMW Bathams SMT Racing  
5 Dean Harrison  Kawasaki Silicone Engineering  



Ian Hutchinson wins thrilling opening RST Superbike TT and brings the New RK ZXW chain on the podium.

Official results

Pos  Riders Machine Entrant Chain brand
1 Ian Huntchinson BMW Tyco BMW RK BL520ZXW
2 Peter Hickman  BMW Smiths Racing  Other Brand
3 Dean Harrison  KAWASAKI Silicone Engineering  Other Brand
4 James Hillier  KAWASAKI JG Speedfit Kawasaki  Other Brand
5 Dan Keen  BMW Team Penz 13.com BMW Motorrad RK 520GXW